Yeah happy new year

Happy new year all!

We got a lot of snow at the moment in Denmark and basicly we´re blocked from leaving the home because of the snow.

I took these pictures this morning when the car could still get out, but its alot worse now.
I picked up my son early from the daycare and we are just staying home tomorrow.
I dident know if would be this bad, then we might as well have stayed at home from the start, he was only there 2 hours.

Not that i mind, as long as it dosent hurt my internet connection.
That reminds me, i really need to give my internet provider a call tomorrow.
I loose the connection about once an hour.
It hasent been expensive yet, but its only a matter of time before it happens in a important hand.
I did loose the connection in a HU match in the online tournament that my local club hosts, but i came back and won so it dident matter although it did cost some chips when it happened.

I was surpose to start and play in the rakerace but i have had very little time.
I still plan on giving a go and see how that goes.
Its been awhile since i last played there, but they used to have some good shorthanded omaha games.
I also plan to play alot more heads up sit and goes again, but not untill i have sorted the connection problem.

BTW check out these nice fireshows the vestergaards brother did on new years eve.


3 Responses to “Yeah happy new year”

  1. Yorkshire Pud says:

    We’ve got tons of snow here where I live in the UK , over 6 inches fell today and I doubt I’ll be leaving the house for a few days, at least not by car anyway!

    Do you use a wireless connewction when playing poker? Whenever I used my wireless instead of wired I always had the odd disconnection problem but since I went back to wired on my desktop I’ve not disconnected once.

    Good luck in 2010

  2. admin says:

    Yeah it wireless, but now that you mention it i do have a cable lying around that i could just plugin, thx.
    Then i can get some heads up matches going

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hmmm what about your lovely fiance, if you go back to being wired up – I’m just saying ;o)
    I have to stay connected as well!!!

    Love you <3

    Hugs & Kisses From The Misses

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