Welcome to Walsall

After a nightmare of a night feeling terrible and being awake half the night freezing, sweating and my body hurting a was feeling a little bit better saturday but not 100%.
I wanted to go to Walsall and play the onewaypoker tournament, and had already arranged for a hotel, and bought a train ticket.
I meet with Bruce Martin for breakfast before i left, to say goodbye and went and bought a little bit more clothes.
I hadent send anything to get washed so i was running low on shirts etc.
I then checked out from the hotel and took a cab to the train station.
I had ordered a first class ticket and it was pretty good and there was internet connection, so i could get a little updating done.
I arrived i Wassall and it was a very small town, not what i had expected at all.
I mean it was just dead.
Walked around for like 15 minutes trying to get a cab, but dident see any.
So i got a hold on Antoni, and he ordered one from the casino.
The cab finally came, and i got to the casino where Antoni and hes friends was watching football.
There was also a heads up machine, so while watching soccer (which is of absolutely no interest to me) i beat the guys 5 times in a row.
We unloaded the onewaypoker wan and then went to the hotel to check in and grab a quick shower before heading back to the casino.
The onewaypoker tournament was a £20k guaranteed with a £150 buyin and Antonis brothers Roberto and xxx and Antonis father Frank was also playing.
Although i wasent feeling 100% it was a good day and there were also a lot of the swansea lads there and there were around 160 players in the tournament.
I busted after a few hours, and after walking around for an hour waiting for a cash game i decided to head back to the hotel instead.


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