Time to get sick

My throat has been starting to hurt the last few days, and i wasent feeling so good today.
A shower and breakfast usually helps, and i found a nice cafe to have breakfast at.
Then i headed to the vic to see how the tournament was going.
The match is over just as i arrive, and it turns out that Victor V busted Thor Drexel in the very first hand.
The got all in preflop and Thor Was holding AA against Victors 1010 but Victor hit a full house.
What a brutal beat for Thor Dexter who is also danish.

world heads up poker championship 2009world heads up poker championship

I wasent feeling better at all, so i headed back to the hotel right away to relax, and just play some online poker.
For every hour that went by i felt worse.
I had looked forward to playing a 50 rebuy tournament at the sportsman, but an hour before it started i knew that it wasent gonna happen, i was just feeling terrible.
So i stayed at the hotel, and hoped to get better so i could go to walsall for a onewaypoker tournament saturday.


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