The WHUPC begins

The time came to play the first day of the world heads up poker championship.
42 players had entered, so about 60% would get a bye, which means that you skip the first round and get a free win,
Unfortunately my name was called, so I had to play.
The tournament was delayed about 1,5 hour, and I really hate waiting for a tournament to start, just ask the other littlewoods poker qualifiers.
I was just walking around in circles.
The draw was finally made, and first match was against a French guy.

the world heads up poker championship

He was very well dressed, with a nice suit, watch, sun glasses etc. and my first impression was that he was some rich guy playing for fun.
This turned out to be spot on.
He had absolutely no aggression in him, and I controlled the match right away.
Once we started I was just totally in the zone, and after playing for a short time he was moving around in hes chair, taking he sun glasses of and on and quickly showed frustration.
It was proberly the easiest opponent I could have drawn.

After around 45 minutes something mindblowing happens, and I couldent belive it.
In a unraised pot I flop top 2 pair on a 5-9-10 board with only hearts.
I bet, he raises and I move all in.
He now goes in a thinking mode for a long time, and tells me he has the flush and askes me if I will show if he folds.
I just think hes trying to get a read and replies that I very rarely show, so he shouldn’t expect that I will show if he folds.
After a long time he shows that the has flopped a 10 high flush… AND MUCKS!!!
Im totally stunned and cant belive what just happened.
I askes if he wants to see my hand before I show it, he says yes and sees that he was way ahead.
Shortly after that we go on a break, and im talking with him and find out that it is hes first live event and hes not used to playing heads up.
The rest of the match is a walk in the park, and I just run him over.
After an hour of break or so, I got my second match.
Im meeting another French guy Called NICOLAS DERVAUX who is a unibet sponsored pro player, and I dident expect it to be easy.

We have a great match and he is a really good player.
He finished in the semi finals last year in this heads up event and also had a 6th place in the Copenhagen EPT.
I lead from the start though, and my aggressive style from the beginning paid of.
Its always good with a 25% chip lead so you can recover incase you loose an all in.
After a few hours I get KK and he raises preflop, I reraise and he moves all in and shows A-K and I win the match.
ROBERT PRICE “The animal” also wins hes match, and we go to an Italian restaurant to have some dinner.

I loose a coinflip and end up paying the bill.
The animal goes home, and I head back to the poker room.
Im pretty exited after winning to matches and I hit the £1-2 pl Omaha table and start going crazy in white Russians, my favourite dring.
I buy in for £80 and 4 hours and 10+ white Russians later I cashout £680 I head back to the hotal to crash.

Wednesday we are not playing, but have a meeting with Bruce at 11 for some interview stuff.

(bruce Martin on the right and Dario Minieri on the left)
We find a little café and have some food and the film crew arrives.
Im pretty smashed after yesterday, and the interview is longer than expected.
We have to say all this funny stuff like “We are the littlewoods poker qualifiers” at the same time while pointing at the camera, and I just cant control myself and laugh my ass of all the time.
It was very funny, but I think it will be terrible to watch.
I then head back to the hotel to relax until we are going out for dinner.
I haven’t had much sleep since I arrived and im really tired.
I fall asleep but 20-30 min after the hotel phone rings to ask me if I want cleaning today.
“No I don’t want cleaning, that’s why I got the DO NOT DISTURB sign on, I just want to sleep”.
It turns out that if its on after 2, the call you to check if you are satisfied with your room.
Off course I cant sleep again.
I meet with Bruce and the guys around 6, and he takes us out to a local pub where they brew their own beer.
We have a few of those and meet with one of Bruces friend Philip who is the top manager of Cryptologic and he joins us for dinner.
We have a great time and the food at the restaurant is amazing.
After dinner Bruce and me hit the poker room and have some drinks and fun at a £1-1 nl table.
Im pretty busted and return to the hotel around 2.

Again I wake up around 7 and don’t get much sleep.
I shop for some new clothes, and then go to the vic to play the 3rd heat.
Again it is delayed 1,5 hour and many players are very annoyed by this, and in general not very happy by the way the event has been organised.
I have cut a deal with Robert and STEVEN WILMOT so I got 10% on them.

My opponent is Victor V. Ilyukhin who turns a to be a very nice guy, but also an extremely tough opponent.

He changes gear a lot, and we have a long tough 3,5 hour battle.
The last hour or so, we are at the featured tv table, and Victor ends up winning.
The match could have gone both ways, and it dosent really bother me much that im out, because I am 100% safisfied with the way I played.
Unfortunately both Steven and Robers also looses their match, so the hope of cashing a little is gone.
Steven heads home and Robert and I share a bottle of champagne because he has some drinking vouchers he wants to use before he leaves the day after, and then we head to the Italian restaurant for dinner.
We have an amazing meal again, and I win the coinflip today so Rob has to pay the £110 dinner.
Im pretty exhausted, so after dinner I just head back to the hotel and play online the rest of the evening.


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