The simple things in life

My son has been sick the last few days, so he has just been relaxing with hes cartoon movies and cars.
He loves watching cartoons like the movie cars, bugs, tractor tom. and thomas and friends.
He can just watch them over and over again.
We had a family dinner last weekend, and Charlottes sister gave him an old toy garage that they werent using anymore.
He has just been enjoying it so much and hes spending hours playing with hes cars.
Sometimes its the simple free stuff in life that brings the most joy.

December 2009

 When i left London last month, i had been buying quit alot of new clothes, so i had to leave some of my old stuff behing.
My old winter jacket was the winner because it took alot of space, and i dident really like it anyway.
It quickly turned out to be a bad move, since it was getting very cold when i came back to Denmark.
So yesterday we decided to hit town and get me a new one, after one month without a jacket it was about time.
My girlfriend wanted to buy me one, so i couldent say no to that.
I wanted to get something cheap, but most of the jackets we looked at were $400+ and i was like, $100 is the max.
I guess we got pretty lucky and stubled over one in the last shop that was on discount and costed $100.
And on top of that i really liked it.
(no, im not the guy on the right)
Now i better start thinking about finding something nice for the misses for christmas!
Im so lucky that its the only gift i have to buy, she takes care of all the christmas presents.

December 2009

Online poker has been slow the last few days.
I havent been in the mood, and then its too expensive if you play anyway.
I expect to get some grinding going tonight though.


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  1. What a cute picture Jan and I agree you dont need anything pricey to make a kid happy. Geesh my kids love when I give them a cardboard box and a box of crayons

    Happy holidays!

  2. Yeah its amazing what an empty box can do lol

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