The PAL Drama

This post is aimid at affiliates, and if you are not in the affiliate biz you will proberly have a hard time keeping up

As most people know i have been messing around in the poker affiliate buisiness for a couple of years.
A good way to learn a new trade/skill/whatever is by using the internet.
There are so many free resources in cyberspace that no matter what subject you are interested in, you can find information online.
When i started as an affiliate the old PAP forums (poker affiliate programs) was where things were happening and i learned a ton there.
Being an affiliate is not something you just do over night.
There are a lot of things to learn that i dont want to get into here, but i learned a lot at PAP.
Then last year a big drama unfolded  PAP and almost all affiliates moved to a new forum, to the new PAL forum (poker affiliate listings) that Jeremy Enke launched.
If you are interested in details about the PAP scandal, then there is a post here:

So at the moment there is a situation at PAL that brings the old memories back.
Nich Haslem from Successful Affiliate called out a site in the forums because the site was doing some black hat seo stuff costing him money.
More on Calling People out.
Personally im not the report people type, and i dont really care too much how people run their sites.
On the other hand, if i had a bigger site and i could see with my own eyes that someone was costing me money, then who knows, i might have reacted the same way too although i doubt it.
I gotta give Nick some respect though for standing up and sticking to hes belifs.
It all turned into a verbal fight between Nick and one of the mods there called Randy Ridge.
Ridge is an old affiliate, who seems to be pretty successful but i never chatted much with him.
To be honest i never really liked the way hes been presenting himself, but as i dont do any business with him its not something that has been an issue.
After burning way too many bridges in my life, i have learned to think just a little bit before i act.
The things started friday and with the leader of the community Jeremy Enke not being around on weekends, he only started responding yesterday.
I was on my way to bed, so only say a few of hes first responces which i was pretty dissapointed about.
Jeremy seemed very conflict-averse and the reponces he gave Nick i found kinda rude.
Although he hadent read the original posts, it was obvious that it was an important matter to Nick and many other memebrs of the community.

So that was yesterday.
When i woke up today i just knew right away that i wouldent get anything done before i had been updated with the latest PAL drama news.
So after getting a big cup of coffee, i hit the PAL forums.
There were many updates, but not much action has been taken.
im surprised that Randy Ridge hasent been booted yet.
Jeremy has appologized a little for some of hes responces yesterday and says he had a busy day.
It shall be interesting so see what happens the next few days.
One thing is for sure though!
This is way to time consuming, and i will try to do my best to stay away from the forums and get some updating done to my rummy online site instead.
I got 8 articles on my desktop waiting to get posted.
Its been snowing heavily last night though, so i gotta go and shovel some snow so we can get the car out.
I went on a huge shopping spree yesterday though, so the fridge is filled and i could just stay in the next week if i wanted too …..


2 Responses to “The PAL Drama”

  1. Hey Jan,

    Nice wrap up. I won’t comment on anything specifically because I don’t want to spread it outside of the forums.

    Just wanted to say thanks for telling your version.


  2. Yorkshire Pud says:

    The cut-throat world of affiliates! I had the chance to get into the affiliate world and although lucrative if you get it right, there is too much bullshit flying around to make it worth your while

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