The meeting

Its been some great days here, and i have spent very little time at the hotel.
There are no heats today though, so time for an update.
Monday i was surpose to meet with bruce around one o´clock but he got delayed, so we arranged to meet for dinner at the casino instead.
So i went to The Vic to play some cash untill then.
I quickly got a seat at the 1-2 table and had a good session which ended with + £200.
At 5 i was getting hungry and hoped that Bruce and the guys would be there around 6.
But then it turned 6, and then 7, and then 8, and then 9… and nobody came.
I was a bit annoyed by this, and at this point, and very hungry so i cashed out and headed out to find a restaurant.
I asked at the table if the restaurant was any good, but got recommended not to eat there, so found a nice italien restaurant nearby instead.
Had a nice meal, and just when i came out Bruce called.
He had been caught up in another meeting, and when i finally meet him later i found out how busy he is all the time.
They were heading for dinner now, so i walked back to the casino to meet them.
So when i enter the casino restaurant there were only a few tables with people, and one tables with 3 people looked like it could be them.
So i went over and said hi and asked if he was bruce, and shaked hands and sat down.
So we talked a little and he asked if i was playing the tournament tomorrow!
Totally coufused i said, “well you should know, you are paying for it”.
“Ohh, im not bruce, that table over there is bruces tables!.
Turns out it was Roberto Romanello, a full tilt red pro and hes brother Antoni Romanello who i would get to know better later.
I guess he didnt hear what i said when i asked if he was bruce, and he just noded hes head.
Well we cracked up laughing, and i went over to Bruces table and joined them instead.
Robert “animal” was one of the qualifiers and another guy whos name i cant remember right now, who had qualified in a freeroll.
They were some nice guys and we had some drinks before going back to the hotel.
It turns out that Bruce knew the Romanello brothers and they were staying at the same hotel, so after talking with Mark Goodwin who is one of the littlewoods poker pros and some other fellas at the casino we went back to the hotel.
Me, Bruce, and the Romanello brothers then went to the the bar for a last drink and ended up talking for hours about poker, affiliating, and Antoni´s new poker site that had just been launched 4 months ago.
There were arranging a live tournament in Walsall to promote Antoni´s site the coming weekend, and invited me to come along.
It is starting saturday, and after thinking about it i have decided to go down there if im not in the final which is played saturday.
If i go down there i will stay untill monday instead of going home sunday.
I will have to buy a new plane ticket, but i might as well just have some fun while im over here.
We finally went to bed after 2 o´clock to be rested and ready for the heads up tournament, but it was a great eveing and everybody was very nice.

(heading out for dinner and will add update about tuesday later)


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