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I cancelled my Vegas trip a few weeks back. May was my best month online this year in poker, but there has been some turbulence in my personal life.
So i decided to stay home. Then i thought about going later this month, went back to not going. Decided to go the 14th as planned but shorten the [...]

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I have finally gotten on of my old paintings finished. It´s actually only the framing that i have done, but it was a special shape that i have made square instead, so it is kind of a closure.
I think its 6-7 years ago that i started it and then it was under development for a few [...]

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WSOP* Shares avalible

WSOP* is just around the corner, and im selling some shared in various events.
The first event that im playing is the $2500 PL Omaha event june 15th.
10% shares can be purchaged for $250 each.
Apart from that there are also shares avalible in some of the $1000 and $1500 events where you can also buy 10% [...]

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Jan Teilhof