I have finally gotten on of my old paintings finished. It´s actually only the framing that i have done, but it was a special shape that i have made square instead, so it is kind of a closure.
I think its 6-7 years ago that i started it and then it was under development for a few years. I always have 5+ paintings going at a time, so there is something different to work on. And also, when working with oil colours, it can take many days before it drys and sometimes it needs to be dry to makes a special effect. So therefore its nice to have 5-10 painting to work on at a time.
This is how it originally looked with a slanting shape.

I’m very happy with the way it worked out when i made it square.
The reason why it was a slanting shape was because that i made my first painting nr1 in a very special shape, and wanted to do something similar.
However, when making nr1 i made the frame the way it was, simply because i cut the frame wrong with a saw, so it ended up that way by coincidence.
So “forcing” the 2nd painting to become special didn’t work out.


Ive gotten better at taking some time to paint, and its really great to get started again, i just love it.
When i went to buy a frame yesterday, i also got some more white paint which i was getting low on, so now I’m set to get some of the once I’m working on finished.
This painting “alone” i have been working on for some years, and its getting close to finished.


I also have a few other and I’m planning on starting some bigger wall paintings. What i mean is just big painting. Something like 2×1 meter.
We need one for our living room, and it is very challenging painting such a big painting. I have made 3 so far, which have all been sold.

Poker is still going pretty good.
I had a good run last week in the daily $50 heads up tournament at full tilt poker.
I played it 3 days in a row, and finished 8th in all 3, which is just in the money.
There is a big jump in the payout if i had won one any of them, but still some ok results.
Monday or tuesday this week i played a 115 euro satellite to a wsop event at ladbrokes and qualified for the main satellite, which I’m playing this coming Sunday.
Its a 6000 Euro package that’s up for graps, and 1 in 7 wins one, so the odds are good.
The qualifier that i played was a little interesting since i had to lay down aces preflop!
Its a situation that rarely happens, but it do sometimes occur in a satellite tournament.

Did some spring cleaning yesterday, and got a whiteboard up on the wall. It was a Christmas present, so it was about time.
I have wanted this for a long time so i can write the different tasks that i need to do somewhere visible, instead of just on a piece of paper.
Took a few picture of my “work space”.
This is what it looks like when it has just been cleaned

And of course… a picture of my beautiful son.

Which reminds me. I really need to get a new camera. Its just terrible, and i need to take 10 shots to a a decent one. All picture just get very shaken when things are in motion.
Tonight I’m hitting the casino to see if i can make the money again for the 3rd time in a row. I’m confident that i will, so hopefully i can post a victory post tomorrow

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  1. Earl says:

    Love the pics Jan. Hope you and yours are doing well !

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