Son im coming home

The week has really gone by fast, and it is now time to go home.
A quick story about yesterday that i forgot to mention.
When i got back to the hotel i was pretty hungry and had plans for a room service frenzy and some online poker.
To my big surprise this luxury spa hotel dident have room service after 10 or something like that, and there was no food what so ever to buy at the hotel.
On my way back i saw a KFC nearby so i walked over ovet to get some of that, although it wasent really junk food i was in the mood for.
It turns out they had closed 15 min ago.
Ohh well, right next to my hotel there was another hotel called the holliday in, so i went over there so see if i could get lucky.
Since i wasent a guest there i couldent use the cafe that were open, but they had a small bar with a few crappy pre made sandwiches, choclate bars, nuts and softdrinks so i got a little of each.
Headed back and that was it.
Im just really surprised that i couldent get ANYTHING at my own hotel. 

I woke up around 10.30 just in time to get some breakfast.
A few of the  swansea lads were there, and more soon arrived.
Antonis father Frank Romanello ended up finishing 2nd in the tournament by the way.
After breakfast we all hit the spa and relaxed for an hour.
We then just hang out at the startbucks cafe in the hotel untill my cap came 13.30 and then my journey home started.
I could have driven a unicycle all the way back if i had to, i was really looking forward to seeing the family again.
The trip back was ok and i landed in Denmark 23.30
I had to go all the way back to Gatwick airport, because that was where i had already booked ticked.
It was amazing when my son woke me up the next day, i have never gotten so many hugs before and it was just great.
It has been an amazing trip and i really feel that i have learned so much and meet so many great people and made many new good friends.
The trip was way better than i had expected.
It has really made me realize how much i love poker, and i just want to play poker again now as much as possible now and cut down on the time i spend on affiliate marketing.


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