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Although the season at the local club has already started again, i will stick to my plan and keep grinding online and focus on WSOP* 2010.
There is a great change in the club this season that suits me perfect though.
Every sunday there will be an online tournament that also counts for the final, so i can still play a tour a week, just online.

I´m getting loads of news mails about the Aussie millions qualifiers, and although its tempting, a trip to Australia would still be expensive even if i won the package, so i wont play any qualifiers.
I would love to go back to Australia though, because i lived there a year when i was 17.
Maybe next year i can give it a shot and try and get in on the 2011 event.
There are so many tempting events, but qualifiers are expensive and time consuming so I gotta be selective.

The last weeks i have been grinding poker online.
I got a pretty good deal with onewaypoker, so that is the only site im playing at, at the moment.
Instead of a poker cashback deal i get more value from using my VIP points for live events, so im saving up for vegas.
I should be abel to save up around $8k that i can use for buyins at the WSOP*.
My plan is use them for 3 events, but the 2010 schedule hasent been released yet, so i dont know which events yet.
Maybe a 5k event and two $1500 events.
As soon as the aussie millions is over i expect that the WSOP* qualifiers will start, and then i will start spending time trying to qualify for the main event.
The satellites i like best are the once where 1 in 10 advances to the next round.
At some sites 1 in 50 qualify and thats just a long way to go.
I would rather play a $100 satellite to get into a $1000 satellite instead of playing a $200 main satellite where 1 in 50 qualify.

I have been playing fixed limit poker the last days, and i will give that a shot and see how it goes.
It is easier to multitable 6+ tables and it earns good points, but it is not as exiting as focusing on 1 or 2 nl tables or omaha games, but the points are good, and once im in vegas next year with 3 good tournaments being paid for, i will be happy that i did some grinding.
I only have to play 1.5-2 hours a day playing 6 tables, then i make enough points to reach my goal, so there is also still room to play poker tournaments, heads up, shorthanded etc.

Apart from that, i have started working a little with and im promoting them at my different websites, so adding this new promotion has taken some time and it shall be interesting to see how that goes.
Whether its a good move i wont know untill January, but if it dosent work out then i can just go back to normal.
But sometimes you gotta take a chance and try new stuff.
I will make a page today about but you can visit the site and have a look yourself.
You can always contact me if you have any questions.

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3 Responses to “Online grinding”

  1. yeh make sure u budget for all my meals u will lose the flip on as well. the wsop schedule is out, it was leaked on main page for few hours and has made many forums although obv subject to change.

  2. Uhhh thats exellent, thx man.
    We´re 1-1 in flips, so it could be anyones games, but i look forward to more good dinners, and this time in the best dining city in the world
    Have you decided when you will be going, and for how long?
    For those who dont know the poker animal, you can tjeck out hes blog here:

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