Me and Poker

Where do i start with this one… POKER!
Poker has been an extremly important part of my life for many years.
I have played poker full time in periods of my life, and it has been an important part of my income for the last 8 years.
I always dreamed of making a break through and get a sponsorship, but it hasent happened yet.
Well i had a small sponsorship a few years ago at a crappy intraction skin, but the terms sucked and i quickly decided it wasent worth it.
I dont really think so much about sponsorships anymore, not that i dont care but at some point i just needed a more reliable income and thats when i started as a poker affiliate.
To make some extra bucks and try to build a business that could generate a solid income in the future.
When i decide to do something, i usually do it at full throttle.
But when you start as an affiliate, without any knowledge of building websites, and dont know anything about online affiliate marketing you got a long road ahead of you.
What did give me an advantage was that i knew almost everything there was to know about poker.
Im glad i choose to spend the last 2-3 years learning how to make money as an affiliate, and it has now become a nice little extra income which means that i dont have to win so much money every month anymore, and thats very nice.
Having poker as a main income is stressful, and although some months are very good and i have tried living  a pretty luxurious life, there are also some very tough times.
If i could turn back time 10 years, i honestly dont know if its a road i would choose again.
But you cant change the past, and 10 years of online poker experience means that im a pretty solid player now.
I very rarely have a loosing month, it may be 1 month in a whole year that i dont make a profit.
Next week could be a big turning point though, as i have just qualified for the world heads up poker championship in London, and i now got a chance of winning £200.000 which would be life changing for me.
Im leaving tomorrow and i will make sure to document everything with pictures and update my blog alot.
You can also follow me on twitter: or watch the tournament live here: from tuesday to saturday.
This is my 3rd really big tournament in my career.
The buyin is $5.500.
I have playe 2 $10.000 buyin events before, but dident cash in any of them.
So am i nervous, exited, scared to death…
To be honest im not nervous at all.
This may sound cocky, but there are no players that i fear.
I see myself as a great heads up players, and im just exited to play in the event and play againt the best of the best.
I qualified for $70 at and everything is paid for.
Monday i will be going out for dinner and drinks with the manager and the other sponsored pros.
As far as i know Michael Greco, Tony Cacarino, and Marc Goodwin will be joining, so thats going to be fun.

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