Leaving Denmark was terrible.
Knowing that i wasent gonna see my son for a week was just brutal, and harder than i had expected.

I was pretty depressed the hours before leaving, but once i got on the plane it got better though.
Once we aired i saw there was an empty row of seats next to me, so i hijacked that.
Ordered a small botttle of red wine and chips, threw up my feet and started on the Chris Ryan book i bought at the airport.
The wine was just perfect, and the book caught me right away, so before i knew it we were landing again.
A short flight, just under 2 hours.
I had no clue how far i was going once i reached London, and it was further than expected.
Had to take a train first, then some tubes and a cab because one of the tube stations were closed.
So that took almost 2 hours.
Those tubes are nasty by the way, steaming hot so i was sweating like a pig.
So once i finally got to the hotel and checked in i just had to get a cold beer before going to my room.
“why dident you just take one from the mini bar” you may think!
Well although its a nice big room, a minibar is not standard, but you can order one!!!
Alright, weird but whatever.
Of course i asked for one, what is a hotel room without a minibar!
I also ordered 5 days of internet connection.

Pictures of the room:

After a quick shower, i then headed straight to “The Vic” casino.
A short 10 min walk, and there was also a smaller casino on the way next to my hotel, but they dident have cash games, only tournaments.
I got in on £1-£1 table right away.
Minimus £40 and max £200 so i made a £100 buyin.
Very first hand i donked half my stack on a flush draw.
No worries though, because withïn the next hour i was sitting with £350
I sure stirred up some action, and could feel that i had a good control of the table.
I had a few drinks and there were some friendly guys at the table and there were some good conversations going, so i enjoyed it.
Around 2 i begane to get tired.
Because we changed to summer time, and i traveled to london it would normally be 4 now, and i usually crash around 2-3 0`clock at home.
I then get my pocked aces busted, and loose half my stack, and im thinking its time to stop.
Im hungry though, so i order a sandwich before i go.
Bad idea…
Just before im about to pick up my chips and go, i get pocket aces again.
I make a big preflop raise (like ive been doing most of the night), get a raise to £50 and then a player who has just sat down with around £100 goes all in.
I push my stack, and the reraiser instantly calls.
Now here is something i really dont like about playing at The Vic.
Im used to that the cards are shown once players are all in, so you can see whats going on and what you are up against, but here players dont show untill the river.
It turns out im up against A-K and KK, so a one outer one the turn was a sickening sight.
Big pot over £400 and im busted.
What a shame, it would have been nice winning a little the first day, but instead i lost £100.
I was very nice to play there though, and i look forward to more cash games this week.

Today i woke up at 8, which wasent the plan.
I dident expect to get up before Bruce would call me around 12.
Well, i couldent fall asleep again, so i got up and got some breakfast.
It was ok, but nothing special.
I then went back to the room but realized i needed to buy an adaptor, so i went down and bought one of those.
When i got back up i found out that the minibar hadent arrived (NO i dont drink before 12, i just wanted a cold soft drink  ), and i also dident have any login info for the internet, so i went back to the lobby.
Now this is a preeeety big hotel, and my room is proberly as far away for the elevator as possible, so i was a little grumpy after only 5 hours of sleep.
It turns out that the lobby guy forgot to give me my internet access yesterday, and there werent any minibars avalible at the moment…! WTF
Well, not much to do about that, so i order a 5 days internet access card.
5 days internet access dosent mean 5 days access though, but 30 hours of internet access…
Personally i would call it “30 hours of internet” if i was the seller, but hey what do i know!
So i head back to my room, with my “5 days of internet card”!
Get my backage unpacked, and get online.
Another slap in the face… of course the connection sucks. 
And boy do i hate a slow internet connection.
Well, not much to do about that eighter.
These are of course just minor bumbs, and im happy to be here.
Im expecting bruce to call any minut and then i dont know what the plan is, exept dinner and drinks tonight.
Oh yes and then i need to get my expenses refunded and get the sponsor clothes from littlewoods poker that i need to wear.