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Its my blog

After reading this post at poker affiliate listings it made me think of something.
Not so much related to the thread, but it made me think that i dont really have a site where i blog about myself and the different projects im working on.
Most of my sites are gaming sites that i update with gaming news, but for a while i feel that i have been missing a more personal blog.
I have sites with my art, my tattoo project, affiliate guides, bingo, casino, rummy, poker, sports sites but i dont really blog my thoughts anywhere.
Well its about time to change that, so from now on i will be blogging about my life and projects here at my personal blog.
It started as a small site about my paintings that i never updated, so now i will just blog about all subjects here.
Hell, on day i may even redirect my 40 sites to this site, so i only need to update one site

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