Dead blogs suck

Its about freaking time i get a little updating going.
Well, not that its life important, but a dead blog sucks.
To start with, the mermaid poker challenge for Danish players has been canceled.
The tournament is illegal says the Danish gaming commision!
Im so sick and tired of poker players being treated like criminals.
Its a game of cards FFS.
If people want to play and win/loose money with the money they have earned, why one earth dont we have the right to do so.
I can walk into a store and spend a million on lottery tickets if i want to, or go and play bingo where i can win cash, but no poker.
Unless offcourse its at a casino where the minimum buyin is hundreds of dollars, then its totally fine by the gouverment.
Im seriously considering moving to London, or somewhere else where i can do what i love, without being treated like a criminal.
Enough about that.

The last few weeks has been very busy.
Im working on a new project with some other affiliate/webmasters on a news site where i will be managing the poker section.
Its being costumized, and content is being added, but i will wait a few more days before i make it public, so the site is more finished.

As i proberly mentioned in a earlier post, the car broke down during christmas.
Well its been fixed, and worked fine for a few weeks, but today it died again.
I have absolutely no mechanical skills, or anything else that involves tools.
A car just gotta start when i turn the key, and if it dosent well then its time to go to a mechanic.
It sucks though, when you have to walk or take a bus everywhere, especially with all the snow that is still here.
Its a luxury problem though, and im sure i would survive without a car.

A funny thing happened today.
I got a call, and it was someone speaking english.
Its not that unusual, but i dident know the guy, and i was half sleeping.
He talked something about the world heads up poker championship, and it took awhile before i found out that it was the french guy i played against in the first heat.
Apparently he starting a bank or a sction of a bank or something like that, and wanted to ask if i could remove hes name from the post because i was showing at the top of google for hes name.
I removed it right away, although im sure i could have squeezed a few $ out of the guy.
It sounded like it was a pretty big deal to him, but offcourse i wouldent do that.
Hes a nice fella, and i also thought so when we talked during the break at WHUPC,  so im just happy to help him out.


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