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Son im coming home

The week has really gone by fast, and it is now time to go home.
A quick story about yesterday that i forgot to mention.
When i got back to the hotel i was pretty hungry and had plans for a room service frenzy and some online poker.
To my big surprise this luxury spa hotel dident have room [...]

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Welcome to Walsall

After a nightmare of a night feeling terrible and being awake half the night freezing, sweating and my body hurting a was feeling a little bit better saturday but not 100%.
I wanted to go to Walsall and play the onewaypoker tournament, and had already arranged for a hotel, and bought a train ticket.
I meet with Bruce Martin [...]

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Time to get sick

My throat has been starting to hurt the last few days, and i wasent feeling so good today.
A shower and breakfast usually helps, and i found a nice cafe to have breakfast at.
Then i headed to the vic to see how the tournament was going.
The match is over just as i arrive, and it turns [...]

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The WHUPC begins

The time came to play the first day of the world heads up poker championship.
42 players had entered, so about 60% would get a bye, which means that you skip the first round and get a free win,
Unfortunately my name was called, so I had to play.
The tournament was delayed about 1,5 hour, and I [...]

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The meeting

Its been some great days here, and i have spent very little time at the hotel.
There are no heats today though, so time for an update.
Monday i was surpose to meet with bruce around one o´clock but he got delayed, so we arranged to meet for dinner at the casino instead.
So i went to The Vic [...]

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London here i come

Leaving Denmark was terrible.
Knowing that i wasent gonna see my son for a week was just brutal, and harder than i had expected.

I was pretty depressed the hours before leaving, but once i got on the plane it got better though.
Once we aired i saw there was an empty row of seats next to me, [...]

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