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I have finally gotten on of my old paintings finished. It´s actually only the framing that i have done, but it was a special shape that i have made square instead, so it is kind of a closure.
I think its 6-7 years ago that i started it and then it was under development for a few [...]

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Went to the casino again yesterday to play in their 27 player tournament. Buyin was $160 so a little bigger than last week and there were around $2k for first prize.
It was great to play again, and there were some really bad players at my table.
It was amazing how many big pots there were all [...]

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I havent played at the local casino for over a year. It´s a small crappy casino, and the reason why i dont play there is that the dealers just dident have a clue about the rules of a poker game back then.
They have started to do some weekly tournaments though, so i thought that i [...]

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Dead blogs suck

Its about freaking time i get a little updating going.
Well, not that its life important, but a dead blog sucks.
To start with, the mermaid poker challenge for Danish players has been canceled.
The tournament is illegal says the Danish gaming commision!
Im so sick and tired of poker players being treated like criminals.
Its a game of cards FFS.
If people [...]

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Yeah happy new year

Happy new year all!

We got a lot of snow at the moment in Denmark and basicly we´re blocked from leaving the home because of the snow.
I took these pictures this morning when the car could still get out, but its alot worse now.
I picked up my son early from the daycare and we are just staying home [...]

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The simple things in life

My son has been sick the last few days, so he has just been relaxing with hes cartoon movies and cars.
He loves watching cartoons like the movie cars, bugs, tractor tom. and thomas and friends.
He can just watch them over and over again.
We had a family dinner last weekend, and Charlottes sister gave him an old [...]

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Its my blog

After reading this post at poker affiliate listings it made me think of something.
Not so much related to the thread, but it made me think that i dont really have a site where i blog about myself and the different projects im working on.
Most of my sites are gaming sites that i update with gaming [...]

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