Best poker comeback in a heads up match

I experienced an amazing poker comeback in a heads up sit and go match yesterday.
Unfortunately i wasent the one making the comeback!
I was playing on against pete2810.
Not that i know the guy, but we had been playing around 6-8 matches in a row.
Me winning one, then him winning one and this was the last match because i had to go.
When i got him down to 80 chips i thought that was it…

We get all in next hand as im pot commited, and in this hand he wins which is fair enough.

Then the bad beat series starts…
First with this pocket pair where i win 85% of the time, just not now.

Then with a better kicker to my ace i loose a 69% vs 25% race.

The next hand is not so crazy, and im just a little ahead with 57% against 42%

I then get a 72% agaist a 25% which ends up as a tie pot.

We now battle for a few hands and in this last hand we get all in on the flop.
Im a little behind on the flop with my 47% against  52% and offcourse he wins it.
What an amazing recovery in 40 hands, and a fun match.
Im just glad it dident happen in a important event.

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Jan Teilhof