A good run playing poker

Been running pretty good at the tables the last week(s).
It started with the Pokerstars tour where i finished 387th of 40864 players.
After that i played a 180 players sit and go where where i did a nice recovery.
To avoid the spoiler click here to watch the videos.

I have also done a few other recording of some tournaments and i just need to make voice over before i post them.
Ok, so i had a good comeback in that one when i went from 171 in chips to winning the poker tournament.
I have been wanting to do some recording of my sessions, so i finally got started on that.
It takes some time to figure out the recording software and find out how to “set up” the whole thing, and after making the first ones, i can see that i really need a live stats software running while i play so there is some % viewers can see while watching.
I will proberly use Poker office which seems to be the best all round stats program, i just havent used it for awhile.
The same day i also played a 100 Euro Irish Open Poker Satellite Tournament to get entry to a 725 Euro main satellite and i qualified for that one.
Played it the other day, but was first man out.
Got pocket jacks in the first hand, which costed me more than it should have.
Not long after i hit top pair with a flush draw and loose to a set.

So a few good results, but it dosent end here.
The day after i made the comeback in the 180 players sng i played another 180 player sng and finished 2nd.
The day after i played the daily $20 heads up tournament at Pokerstars.
There are usually around 400 players and i finished 4th.
The day after i played it againg and finished 8th.
So overall some very nice results in the different tours ive played the last couple of days.
Because of the 40 billionth hand celebration at stars, the had guaranteed 4 million in the $200 sunday million.
I couldent resist playing in that one, and it ended up reaching a total prizepool of $7,5 million with over 1 million to first prize.
5700 got paid of around 40.000 players, but i busted around 7000 when i got in a race with jacks against a-k.


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