387th of 40864 players

No it is not a typo. Forty thousand eight hundred and sixty four players entered the special Pokerstars 40 billionth hand special tournament with a $1.000.000 guaranteed.
The buyin was only $40 and with such a big interest the prizepool actually reached 1,5 mil with $120k for 1st prize.
After around 8 hours i busted and finished 387th which i think was a pretty good result.
No big payout though, but a great tournament and i wouldent be surprised if the tournament will be added as a regular sunday tour.
I started recording the tour when i hit 200k in chips, and i will add the videos later when i have added sound.

Apart from that i also played the regular sunday online poker tournament that my local club is hosting.
It´s a 10 Euro buyin tour, but after the leaderboard structure has been changed, i dont really like it anymore and i also dont like the site where it´s played at.
I´m getting charged 10 Euros for every withdraw which is daylight robbery imo.
Early in the tour i got q-q in BB.
Get a limb from early possition, and a limber more.
Blinds are 100-50 and starting stack i 5000.
I raise to 450 or 550, cant remember, but the first limber then moves all in.
I have a strong feeling that hes doing this with AA or KK.
Of course it could also be a risky play with a pair lower than queens, or AK which some players like to play that way, but i follow my instinct and fold.
It´s very early in the tour, and because i feel that im one of the stronger players at the table, i think that there will be a lot better spots than this situation.
Lets face it, if hes doing the move with A-K then its a pure race that im taking at the very start of the tour.
If not, then im dominated by KK or AA or my instinct is wrong and i have him completely dominated.
I will have to ask him later to find out what he had.
Anyways, i go all the way and win the tournament, so im glad that i made the laydown.

It´s been a while since i have made an update to my blog here, but it´s not because i havent been online, i have just been busy with the Gambling News project, and Earl from Carolinagambler.com invited me to be a part of hes Online Gabling site, so im also doing some updates there.
I have also started The Freeroll Challenge again, which i will be blogging about at gamblingtabloid.com

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